Choose a Side.

Vocalizing nonbelief may be something you haven’t wanted to do but as we’re increasingly faced with mentalities that demand a return to fears and practices of the Dark Ages, allegiances must be declared.  Choose a side, indeed, and I have: I stand with Reason.


CONFLICT from mirrorshade on Vimeo.

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3 Months?!

Yes, it’s been almost three months since a new post made it up here but that doesn’t mean things weren’t happenin’!

Previous months had in them a wonderful freethought conference, our concert showcasing secular artists, a shift in what Verusono actually is, and, most recently, plans to move from Madison.

The Freethought Festival was an amazing success! Attendees spoke very positively, presenters were engaging and enthusiastic, and we all had a great time… though organizers were wiped out by the end. Reasonate went off well–Greydon Square and MC eXplain, being true professionals and excellent showmen, absolutely killed it on stage, DJ Larry Miller brought some massive tunes to the dance floor, Dharmonic Deluxe shocked and awed, and the delightful Daisy Chains reminded both men and women they were sexual creatures.

Verusono, as an organization, is changing to focus on sponsoring events appealing to the growing out atheist population. Reasonate was a great start and we’re gonna work to do more of that. Also, though we didn’t make it to the bike ride in Ann Arbor earlier this month, sponsoring long distance bicycle riders, as well as providing shirts and covering sign-up costs for recreational sport teams, is in our future.

And now the move: It’s true that I, Alfonso, am moving to Indiana, Pennsylvania in August of this year but Verusono folks will still be in Madison, and I’ll work with them to keep stuff happening. Making progress in western PA will be slow to start but it will happen, and I’m looking forward to meeting secular folks out that way!

Leaving Madison is sad but the change is an opportunity not to be missed. I bid a very fond farewell to my Madison friends and freethought family, and I know that we’ll see each other on the other side.

Just kidding :)

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Team Verusono Rides Again!

First announcement for riders to join Team Verusono
in Chelsea, Michigan (near Ann Arbor) for a century journey

July 14, 2012

Nervous about 100 miles? Don’t be! There are 15 and 30 mile fun rides, plus distance treks at 39, 64 and 75 miles. If you’re a cyclist in the secular community, and welcome the opportunity to be doubtward (out with doubt!), please join us the weekend of July 14th near Ann Arbor, Michigan for the 36th Annual One Helluva Ride.

Contact Alfonso for information!

HEY! Madison residents, remember that later this month, April 27-29, is Freethought Festival 2012! Register today. Also, plan to attend Reasonate for Greydon Square’s first Wisconsin performance!!

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[Help Verusono present this and other events by making a secure donation.]

On April 28th, at Inferno Nightclub in Madison, Wisconsin, Verusono presents Reasonate, a musical event celebrating the vibrant freethought community!
[RSVP on the Facebook event]

Performing Live
Greydon Square >> Internationally known atheist hip hop emcee
YouTube Preview Image
Dharmonic Deluxe >> “Blingo-Bango-Busy-Ballads”
Nama Rupa [update: band became unavailable]

Special DJ Set
Larry Miller >> Chicago’s ultimate boogie groove champion

and a Va-Va-Voomin’ appearance by
Daisy Chains >> Girl with the 42 inch hips and the booty that doesn’t quit!

[view old flyer]

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Watermelon Proof

The past few weeks I have been coasting through That Mitchell and Webb Look, streaming on NetFlix, and this sketch just popped up in the episode I watched tonight.

“…some random mutation in the watermelon’s genetics. Oh, wait, not that!”

Absolutely hilarious!

YouTube Preview Image


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